Technical Stuff

Our in-house system is based on DV/DVCAM PAL tape format acquisition.
Other tape formats are used eg, Betacam, Digi-Beta if required, which is hired in,  meaning
that notice (minimum 2 days) is required for booking location shooting.

Standard shooting kit is camera, tripod, redhead lamps and mini spots, directional mics plus windjammer,
wired and radio clip mics, audio mixer, video monitor, colour  backing sheets and stands (for blue screen and
table-top work), audio recorder for location VO work. Crew numbers vary from one to three (camera, sound,
director) depending on requirements of the shoot.

Where appropriate we will provide a script and/or storyboard, using experienced writers.  For corporate work
this would probably involve working in conjunction with company PR associates, or making a PR audit of the
company.  For specific products, we are used to working with third party agencies to accurately promote the
required image. 

In-house editing is non-linear, based on the Adobe Premiere/After Effects/Photoshop software, with
Sound Forge/Soundcraft audio package and Sony DV/DVCAM studio tape machines for mastering and digitising. 

Programmes can be distributed on VHS, DV, video CD or DVD, with authoring for the latter provided
in-house.  We design VHS and disc labelling and can do on-disk printing on short runs up to 250.
Longer runs are normally handled by outside specialists. Copies are available in PAL, NTSC or SECAM format.

For an up-to-date price list and free showreel on VHS, video CD or DVD please email